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Mercersburg is home to some of the finest teachers in the country, and the ESL+ staff reflects that excellence. The experienced staff understands boarding school life and they assist students with each endeavor and challenge. The faculty is diverse, with extensive language and multi-cultural teaching experience. Qualified instructors guide each class, with teaching assistants providing extra support and supervision beyond the classroom.

Students receive feedback on all completed work and engage in regular conferences with instructors. Parents and students receive mid-term and final reports in primary subjects, as well as documentation of language development. 

Day trips on the weekend to major U.S. cities can include Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City. Weekday trips to points of historical and cultural interest are used to extend the learning experience and to assist students in their introduction to U.S. culture and schooling.

College Visits
Participants will have the option to travel to at least one American university. ESL+ students have the opportunity to take tours, attend informational sessions and gather materials from the school.

Extracurricular and Recreational Activities
Shopping at local malls and outlet centers as well as trips to amusement parks, performances, cinemas, and professional sporting events. ESL+ utilizes Mercersburg’s extensive athletic facilities to play American and international sports such as basketball, flag football, soccer, tennis, and squash. In addition, afternoon electives can include dance, music and visual arts, yoga and crafts. 

Nestled in the Cumberland Valley, Mercersburg’s campus spans over 300 beautiful acres and features contemporary academic and athletic facilities. State-of-the-art academic facilities include a more than 45,000 volume library, wireless computer network across campus, collaborative classroom environments with Harkness style tables, extensive science labs, audio and video production areas, and outstanding fine arts studios. Rolling hills encompass expansive athletic facilities that include eight athletic fields, farmland, and wildlife habitat areas.

Residential Life
Students live on campus in one of Mercersburg’s modern, air-conditioned dormitories, typically with a roommate. Members of the ESL+ staff live in the dormitories with the students. All academic and extracurricular facilities on campus are available including the student center. Students are allowed to use cell phones during breaks and in the dorms, but are not allowed in the classrooms.

Dorm Living Features
  • Spacious, air-conditioned rooms, carpeted hallways, tiled bathrooms with private shower areas
  • Dorms are divided by gender
  • Telephone and data connections are available in each room
  • Laundry facilities on each floor
  • Common rooms with kitchen areas and multimedia components (tv and dvd)
  • 24-hour dormitory supervision by ESL+ staff members
Health Care & Security
Safety is our priority at all times. The Mercersburg Summer campus is patrolled 24 hours a day by security personnel, access to dormitories is limited to summer participants and all summer staff are required to receive full state and federal clearances as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Not only is our staff certified in CPR/AED, many also have first aid training.

Our on-campus Health Center is managed by a team of RNs and we work closely with a local family practice for campers that may need additional care. There is also a full time Health Service Assistant available for all internal programs. Although rare, if a situation demands it, the campus is approximately 25 minutes from 3 local hospitals.
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