Young Writers Counselor Update!

 Young Writers Camp counselor Gus is going to give us run down on what the campers have been up to.
“After saying goodbye to parents, we started out the week by going rock climbing after dinner. From there, the campers returned to the dorm, relaxed with 36 new friends and got ready for the next day.
On Monday, the campers began classes, switching between fiction writing, poetry, revisionist history, and non-fiction. After their first day of classes, campers were led through a series of survivalist courses teaching skills like CPR, First Aid, and the Heimlich Maneuver keeping in line with the dystopian theme of camp this year.
Campers spent the evening exploring an abandoned tunnel that was originally part of the PA turnpike and was featured in the movie adaption of the Pulitzer Prize winning book, The Road.
The next day was filled with another full day of classes and an afternoon of self-defense classes. After an evening writing hour, a meeting with a local dystopian writer, Kathryn Martin, capped off the day.
Martin talked to the campers about the process of getting books published in today’s industry, instilling the message of persistence and passion for the craft of written word.
Finally, on Wednesday the campers spent an afternoon swimming, followed by some much needed relaxation and a movie in the Fowle Hall.
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