Young Writers Camp Update!

The aspiring authors in the Young Writers Camp are presented a wide variety of activities to do. Just yesterday, after their morning and afternoon classes, the group were introduced (or reminded for those returning) to self defense.
Director Dean Smith said he did not intend to teach the campers self defense but introduce the ideas to them. They would have to take it upon themselves to practice the techniques to master them.
Demonstrations included breaking out of duct tape, various holds by a perpetrator, and how to properly strike an opponent if necessary. A serious topic that the campers were introduced to in a safe, and very often, humorous environment.
In the hopeful case that the techniques never have to be used, the experience is one way the camp expands the view of the writers. When their experiences become more diverse, their writings can follow pace.
The writers are just barely into their time here at Mercersburg Summer. There are many more things planned in the next week and a half that will be fun and informative for the campers.
And of course, they will be writing. And we will be writing, so make sure to keep up to date with our social media pages. And when words are not enough, check out the pictures from Young Writers Camp and the others on our Vidigami.
    • *No permanent damage was done to Dean Smith

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