Mercersburg Adventure Camp Update!

The Mercersburg Adventure Campers are always up to something. The counselors like to keep them busy and having fun.
The beginning of camp is no different. Great Outdoors and enrichments have started with much more planned for the week. Here is what counselor Caroline had to say.
The first couple days of camp have been filled with campfires, great outdoors, and enrichments. Tonight (Monday) they were also sorted in Hurricanes and Tornados.
Watching the kids interact with each other and develop the friendships we hope to foster has been amazing. Seeing the campers joyously walk from one activity to another has been so rewarding.
I love watching all the kids smile, laugh, and have a good time. I am very much excited to go rafting with the campers later this week. I think they'll have a blast; I know I always do. I also look forward to getting to know all the energetic campers more.”
Don’t forget to check our social media pages for updates throughout the day. And if you have not already, visit Vidigami to see all the pictures from the week.
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