Mercersburg Summer’s Second Week Almost at an End

Thursday marks the end of the majority of camps here in the second week of Mercersburg Summer. The campers spent their last full day dancing in the evening and firing water balloons at each other.
The STEAM campers built box murals, which were turned into targets for water balloon launchers. Experimenting with how much to pull the launchers back and various angles, the campers fired balloon after balloon.
With their last full day, afterwards, they enjoyed pizza and a pool party. The campers still have a few more smaller projects to undertake on Thursday before heading home.
The swimmers ventured out of the water to show off their moves on dryland. The DJ mixed the music for the dancing campers all evening.
Once the dance floor was all worn out, the campers treated themselves to pizza and ice cream. Even with all the fun being had, they are not quite done with all their work. One more stroke to learn about is set for Thursday morning before they return to their home swim teams.
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