ESL's Eventful Day!


It's been quite a day for Mercersburg Summer's English as a Second Langugage (ESL) camp. Even though it was one of their last days, they did everything from skits and presentations, bowling, arcade games, elegant dessert, and a dance party! 

First up for ESL was their skits and presentations. Although they were trying to poke fun at their counselors and teaching assistants, groups of ESL students had to use team work and English skills to perform a sketch. While some were mild-mannered, others were a little more wild. Take a look for yourself! 

Later they hit the lanes at Nellie Fox bowling. Some were a little rough around the edges, but others bowled a few perfect rounds!

To round of their day, the whole ESL gang got dressed up for a night of dancing and elegant dessert

ESL only has one day left, so stay tuned to our Flickr and Facebook pages for all the latest pictures and updates! 

    • Everyone loved bowling and even some people got a strike.

    • Some ESL campers were better at air hockey than bowling.

    • Perfect form!

    • Camp is only a few weeks. The memories last a lifetime.

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