A fun weekend for ESL!


Now that Mercersburg Adventure and Performing Arts Intensive camp have come to a close, it's just English as a Second Language (ESL) camp for the rest of Mercersburg Summer and they aren't letting up on the fun. 

On Saturday, ESL students had to work together to protect an egg...from a three story drop. Using plastic bags, bubble wrap, and cotton balls, ESL students had to cushion an egg dropped from a three-story window. Although not many were successfull, it was a great exercise in team building and creativity. 

ESL then took a break from team building on Sunday. Instead, they bonded over some water works. They rushed down a slip-n-slide, tossed water balloons at each other, and had an overall splashing good time. They relied on each other again Sunday night, working together to find teaching assistants (TA) in a game of Capture the TA. Much like Capture the Flag, groups of ESL campers ventured all over campus to find some well-hidden TA's. 

ESL has a big, last week ahead of them with a trip to Georgetown University, Nellie Fox Bowling, and Rocky Gap State Park. You don't want to miss those pictures. Be sure to follow us on Flickr and Facebook!
    • An egg won't stand a chance from a three-story drop, unless it's expertly cushioned.

    • A slip-n-slide is always a great way to cool down.

    • Even the ESL campers who didn't want to get wet got what was coming to them.

    • There's a TA in this image. We promise!

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