Adventure Camp and Performing Arts Summer Comes to an End

The summer is almost over here at Mercersburg Academy. Both Performing Arts Intensive (PAI) and Mercersburg Adventure Camp (MAC) have finished their last sessions, leaving the ESL students as the last ones on campus.

PAI held their last performance in front of their friends and family Friday afternoon. The performance followed a week of various classes ranging from tap dancing to water ballet.

The kids went to a water park and had fun with karaoke.

Check out all the albums on our Flickr page labeled Performing Arts to see all their photos from this past week. Also, head over to our YouTube Channel to see various videos.

The MAC campers did quite a bit over the past two weeks, so it may just be best to check out this video.

And, if you happened to miss photos from MAC's Thursday, it's because there was video instead. If you haven't already, check out the fun with water.

If you haven't been able to keep up to date with all the photos, head over to our Flickr page and check out what the kids did over the past two weeks.

The media team has enjoyed documenting the young adventurers and the performers. Enjoy the first-person stories now from the kids.
    • Hugs were a common sight as the campers exited the closing ceremony and headed back to their dorms.

    • The friendships made during the two weeks at MAC were evident as emotions flowed.

    • PAI's performance included tap dancing, a number from Hairspray and monologues (pictured Alexa).

    • The dancers ended their performance with a number from Hairspray, which they also went to see after the end the first week.

    • Some of the Great Outdoors rock climbers pose with rock climbing specialist Joey McDaniel (blue shirt).

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