MAC Challenges the Ropes Course

The MAC campers challenged themselves Wednesday afternoon. The group headed to Cedar Ridge Adventures, where they would take on three different ropes course obstacles.

One of the first stops on the ropes course was the leap of faith. The campers climbed up a pole before standing on the top, where they had to jump off and try to grab a bar suspended in the air. No one was successful, not even the rock-climbing specialists (Albert Alvarez and Joey McDaniel) could hold onto the bar.

The obstacle right next to the leap of faith was another course where the kids had to climb up poles. But this time, they needed a partner. On either ends of a giant H, the partners would climb up to a crossing pole, where they would have to walk across and meet each other in the middle.

That was one goal of this course. The next objective was to high-five each other before passing each other on the pole without falling. Campers Alexa and Logan were part of the few who even attempted the pass and also completed it.

The third and final stop for the campers this day was the zip line. Just like most things at Cedar Ridge Adventures challenge the participants, the kids couldn't just do the zip line. They had to get to the top of the tower first.

After the initial climb, the MAC campers faced the real scare: the drop. With seeing more than half of the kids dropping, the initial fall from the tower was the scariest part for the campers.

Maddie Underwood thought the top was the scariest part, but after that, the rest was fun. Many of the campers hesitated before committing and sliding off the tower. I cannot speak for all the campers, but from the pictures, I say most did not regret the initial fall.

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    • On this course, the objective was to climb up a pole then cross a horizontal beam to your partner and high-five them. If brave enough, they would then pass each other on the beam before being lowered down.

    • The "leap of faith" required the campers to climb up a vertical pole, stand on the top and jump off and try to grab a pole suspended in the air.

    • Before the campers could go down the zip line, they first had to climb up to the very top.

    • As Gordy Simon could tell you, the first drop was the scariest part of the zip line. Afterwards, it was all fun.

    • Alexa and Logan were some of the few who attempted to pass each other on the pole AND succeeded into doing so.

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