Performing Arts Intensive Learns from Guest Speaker

The Performing Arts Intensive campers have been working hard this week, and they were treated with a guest speaker Tuesday.

Laurie started off her "Master Class" with name games to help learn everyone's names (and helped me finally figure out everyone's names, which the kids tested me on).

After the games were done, she began to challenge the campers. She gave them a dialogue, which they were to form a scene. Two characters. Five words. The campers created different scenes using the same words, but used props, body language and how they said the words to develop a unique scene.

The campers paired off and developed characters and planned how they would portray the meaning behind the characters using only the five given words (Ah, all set, no, well, and yes).

After finishing their scene, they acted them out in front of everyone before receiving feedback. Using comments and questions from the audience, the young actors used the information to improve the scene.

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    • Guest speaker Laurie started her time with the kids with names games.

    • The games continued into a warm up to help the kids start to loosen up their acting muscles.

    • After they acted out their scenes, they received feedback from both Laurie and the other campers.

    • Abby and Ellie receive feedback on their scene from guest speaker Laurie.

    • Violet holds a chair, which was used in many different ways through the various scenes created by the campers.

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