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Choose your own MAC Enrichments!

MAC and The Great Adventure campers get to choose three different Enrichment classes that meet five times a session.  Each activity is designed to inspire campers to be creative and to explore the world around them.  Absolutely no prior experience is necessary, although a curious mind is a must.

MAC Enrichment Activities

Old School Science Lab
Put on your goggles kids, this is not your everyday science class. Forget the boring stuff and get ready to see science at work through safe and sensational experiments involving small scale explosions and reactions!

Edible Experiments
Explore science in a fun and tasty way! This enrichment will explore reactions in consumable treats. Learning is always delicious!

Digital Photography
What makes a good picture? Come and find out! Digital Photography examines the art of picture taking, investigating camera angles, lighting and editing with Adobe Photoshop!

The Joy of Cooking
You don’t need to be Wolfgang Puck to be a culinary genius. Campers will get a chance to find their inner chef or sandwich artist in the Mercersburg kitchen.

Culinary Delights 2 – Iron Chef
In a chef face off, our young cooks pit themselves against each other in a kitchen battle royale! Participants will get the chance to show their expertise in the kitchen given a certain time frame and a list of ingredients!

Mac Films
Lights, camera, action! MAC Films is Adventure Camp’s miniature Hollywood. Kids in MAC Films not only make their own movie (which they get to take home), but they also act as camp videographers that often find their work published on our website.

Wizard Training
Now you see it, now you don’t! Master slight of hand tricks and learn basic illusions in this awesome enrichment that will make you the talk of town.

Adventures in Clay
Whether you want to design a beautiful replica of the Statue of Liberty or a nice paper weight, campers will enjoy molding and forming their own clay creations.

The Craft of Art
Paper mache piñatas, hand painted picture frames and tie dyed T-shirts are just a few of things we do in the creative, and always fun, Craft of Art enrichment.

Center Stage
Jump at the chance to perform on a stage that has produced 2 Academy Award winners.  Campers will be featured in a play that they design with the help of an expert counselor.

Great Outdoors Activities

MAC and The Great Adventure campers get to choose two different Great Outdoor activities and each activity meets for three half days each session.  Qualified instructors guide campers through these outdoor sessions, where no prior experience is necessary.  While the emphasis is on fun and safety, campers also learn a solid base of skills in each activity.

Don’t be afraid to get wet! Explore local waterways with our ACA certified paddling specialist who will have you paddling more confidently and effectively than ever before!

Sports Medley
Basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, football, ultimate frisbee and more!! If you like sports and the thrill of fun competition than this is the Outdoor activity for you.  Mercersburg’s well equipped facilities and fields are the perfect place to learn about and play some of your favorite sports games!

Geocaching is a real world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and attempt to find the Geocache hidden at that location.

Horsing Around
Play some mini golf, go on a unique scavenger hunt or discover a new activity. Nearby horse farms allow this group to enjoy traditional horseback riding but don’t limit yourself to just horses in this horseplay outdoor activity!

Splash around in your own kayak on Antietam creek and other local rivers while learning the most efficient way to paddle with our ACA certified paddling specialist.

Mountain Biking
Peddle around our expansive 330 acre campus with a variety of terrain and test your skills at the brand new Mountain Biking trails at Raystown Lake amongst other Great Outdoor sites.

Rock Climbing
Do you like climbing indoors, or on real rock?  Well we’ve got both in this dynamic outdoor offering!  Test your skills on our own indoor 34-foot climbing wall and climb some real rock at nearby state parks. Our climbing specialist comes AMGA SIP certified so the only thing we worry about is having fun!

Wide World of Animals
Enjoy an all day trip to Catoctin Wildlife Preserve or pet a llama at a nearby farm.  If you love animals of all shapes and sizes this is the Great Outdoor of your dreams.

Wilderness Skills
Ever wondered what you would do if you were lost in the woods?  After exploring nature in Wilderness Skills, you won’t have to wonder anymore!  Learn how to cook your own food in the wild, start your own campfire and other crucial elements of orienteering.
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