About Mercersburg Summer

Mercersburg Summer is all about fun. Nestled in the mountains of south-central Pennsylvania, our beautiful campus provides the perfect setting for a wide range of opportunities for learning, personal growth, and most importantly, fun. Each summer, participants take part in an array of programs, ranging from the Adventure Camp series to various Enrichment, Arts, and Sports Camps.

Mercersburg Summer programs are safe, supportive environments that focus on engaging participants on every level and challenging them to broaden their horizons, make new friends and create unforgettable memories. Mercersburg Summer programs are co-ed, with both day and overnight options for kids ages 7-17. Our participants come from all over the country and all over the world to enjoy the dozens of programs that are offered every summer. Over a thousand kids gather here between June and August to enjoy traditional programs such as the Adventure camp series, to challenge their minds in our enrichment programs or push themselves physically and mentally in our sports camps. No matter what your interests are, there is a Mercersburg Summer Program for you.

Mercersburg Summer Approach

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  • Campus and Facilities

    Our Campus features over 300 acres of expansive athletic fields, wildlife habitat areas, farmland and state-of-the-art academic facilities. Our renovated academics buildings contain modern lab spaces, art studios, computer facilities, study areas and STEAM collaboration spaces. The entire campus is connected via a wireless network, bringing a whole world of information directly to students in the classroom, the library, the dormitories and even the dining hall. Whether you like chemistry or multimedia arts and design, our facilities can fulfill your needs.

    To learn more about our campus, click here
  • Living and Dining

    All Mercersburg Summer participants stay in modern, recently renovated dormitories, complete with air conditioning, carpeted hallways, tiled bathrooms, and private shower areas. Counselors and other staff live in adjacent rooms, where they place an emphasis on respect, courtesy, and consideration.

    Campers at Mercersburg Summer programs enjoy some of the best food imaginable. While our menu is varied, our food is nutritiously balanced and our chefs are very sensitive to alternative diet needs and preferences. All meals include a main entree, side dishes, salad/sandwich bar, a vegetarian option, and a fruit station.
  • Summer Staff

    Around here, we understand that great summer staff make for great summer programs. Mercersburg Summer staff are inventive, creative and responsible people who truly love to work with kids. Our instructors, many of whom are current Mercersburg Academy faculty, are not only experts in their fields, but also experts at making learning fun. Mercersburg Summer Counselors are typically college students or youthful teachers who have a zest for working with kids. Staff preparation includes CPR/AED training, safety management, and interpersonal skills focused on dealing with homesickness and other camper issues. 
    Our Adventure Camper to Counselor ratio ensures that the staff can direct all of their focus on the unique needs and development of self-esteem and self-confidence in every camper. Staff preparation includes interpersonal skills that address mediating/resolving conflicts, homesickness and other camper issues. We put a special focus on training to ensure that all staff are prepared to handle anything that comes their way.
  • Facilities

    Are you ready to learn? Our renovated academics buildings contain modern lab spaces, art studios, computer facilities, study areas, and faculty offices. The entire campus is connected via a wireless network, bringing a whole world of information directly to students in the classroom, the library, the dormitories, and even the dining hall. Whether you like chemistry or computer programming, our facilities can fulfill your needs.

    Displaying an affection for the arts, Mercersburg opened the Burgin Center for the Arts in September 2006. The building houses state-of-the-art spaces for music, dance, theatre, and visual arts. A two-story atrium, a studio theatre, a chorale room, and a recital hall are just a few features of the facility.
  • The Overnight Choice

    Choosing an overnight program brings excitement and concerns, particularly if the choice involves a first-time experience or a new location. Overnight experiences offer young people multiple opportunities to develop their identity both individually and socially, to gain personal responsibility, and to increase their self esteem through independent thoughts and actions.

    Our summer residential programs are well-structured, providing guidance while giving young people room to "be on their own." We provide a highly supervised dormitory environment, with health and safety procedures for every program.
  • Safety and Healthcare

    Safety is our priority at all times. The Mercersburg Summer campus is patrolled 24 hours a day by security personnel, access to dormitories is limited to summer participants and all summer staff are required to receive full state and federal clearances as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Not only is our staff certified in CPR/AED, many also have first aid training. 
    Our on-campus Health Center is managed by a team of RNs and we work closely with a local family practice for campers that may need additional care. There is also a full time Health Service Assistant available for all internal programs. Although rare, if a situation demands it, the campus is approximately 25 minutes from 3 local hospitals.
  • Visits and References

    Feel free to arrange a visit to our campus and discover the essence of our summer programs and the Mercersburg Academy campus. References are also available, upon request. For directions, click here!
  • Inclusive Tuition/Age Levels

    Tuition for each program includes costs for instruction, events and trips, activities, meals, and boarding (if applicable). Programs list either grade or age levels. Grade level refers to the fall of 2016. Age level indicates the age of the participant at the time of the program.

    Campers do not need to bring money to camp and we do not have a camp store or camp bank. Since many parents feel the need to put $10 in their camper’s pocket, we allow that much, $10, per session. We supply all snacks and refreshments, and a little money to spend at amusement parks and baseball games. In addition, if toothpaste, SPF 30, bug spray, or other essentials run low, we will provide those items.

About Mercersburg Academy

At Mercersburg Academy, learning is rich, purposeful, and life changing. 

An independent college-preparatory school in south-central Pennsylvania, the Academy offers a rigorous academic program to 430 boarding and day students from 26 states and 40 nations. In small classes, students and faculty work eye to eye and mind to mind, as they deepen their understanding of their subjects—and of themselves.   

Outside the classroom, students immerse themselves in theater, sports, music, competitions, and camaraderie. They develop deep friendships with students from next door and from across the world. They explore new concepts and push past their limits. Mercersburg is a place of transformation. Students transform themselves—as they prepare to transform their world.

Mercersburg graduates go on to the nation’s top colleges and universities. Our alumni include Rhodes scholars, Olympians, and a Nobel laureate. And it’s no wonder—at Mercersburg, students learn to be stronger, more fulfilled, more aware, more alive.

Mercersburg Academy At a Glance

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  • Academics

    • 170 traditional courses
    • More than 40 honors, AP, and post-AP level courses
    • Two senior capstone experiences: MAPS and Springboard
    • Mean SSAT grade 9: V: 677 Q: 696 R: 673 Total: 2046
    • Mean SSAT grade 10: V: 696 Q: 701 R: 678 Total: 2075
    • 2014 AP Exams: 30 Scholars, 18 Scholars with Honor, 38 Scholars with Distinction, and five National Scholars
    • 24 members of the Mercersburg Class of 2015 were formally introduced as members of the Cum Laude Society 
  • Arts

    • 65,000-square-foot Burgin Center for the Arts (performing and visual arts center)
    • 5 theatre productions a year, 2 dance concerts, 2 pops concerts
    • 4 vocal ensembles, 3 instrumental groups
    • 2 Academy Award winners (Jimmy Stewart and Benicio Del Toro), 2 Golden Globe winners, 1 Emmy Award winner
  • Athletics

    • Member of the Mid-Atlantic Prep League (MAPL), the Independent-Parochial School League (IPSL), and the Pennsylvania Independent Schools Athletic Association (PAISAA)
    • 26 sports; 25 varsity teams; 20 junior varsity, thirds, and club teams
    • 54 Olympians, 12 of whom are gold medalists
    • 10 playing fields; 1 synthetic turf field
    • Nolde Gymnasium and Athletic Center (Plantz Courts, Flanagan Pool, Kuhn Wrestling Center, McDowell Fitness Center)
    • 400-meter all-weather Curran Track
    • Smoyer Tennis Center/Frantz Tennis Pavilion: 14 all-weather tennis courts
    • Davenport Squash Center: 10 international regulation squash courts
    • Masinter Outdoor Education Center: houses Mercersburg Outdoor Education (MOE) and a 30-foot climbing wall
    • Hale Field House is anticipated for completion in 2016
  • College Acceptances (Class of 2015)

    • 82% accepted at Barron’s “Most Competitive” or “Highly Competitive” colleges and universities (68% enrolled)
    • 69% accepted at U.S. News & World Report’s Top 50 National Universities or Top 50 Liberal Arts Colleges (52% enrolled
  • Notable Facts

    • $251 million endowment (as of June 2015)
    • $9,400,456 in total giving in 2014 fiscal year
    • Active alumni population of 11,375 (as of June 2015) lives in all 50 states and 81 countries
    • Students and faculty utilize the Apple iPad as the school’s universal digital platform; additionally, nearly 200 computers are available for student use
    • More than 45,000 volumes in the Lenfest Hall Library, more than 50,000 volumes housed on campus
    • Approximately 1,700 alumni have served in the military
    • 3 Medal of Honor recipients
    • 7 Rhodes Scholars, 1 Nobel laureate, numerous Fulbright Scholars
    • Historical roots dating back to 1836, chartered in 1865, yet run as a preparatory school under Exeter model since 1893
    • Governed by a 30-member Board of Regents
  • Student Body Demographics

    • 441 total students; 375 boarding students, 66 day students
    • 229 boys and 212 girls; 52% boys, 48% girls
    • 1754 inquiries, 696 interviews, 586 applications, 155 enrolled
    • Grade 9: 70; Grade 10: 123 with 43 new; Grade 11: 122 with 20 new; Grade 12/postgraduate, 126 with 22 new (18 PG)
    • Students reside in 31 states and are citizens of 42 nations
    • 18% students of color
    • 23% international students
    • 4% exchange students
    • 12% legacy; 18% sibling
    • 43% of students live in the mid-Atlantic
  • The Campus

    • 300-acre campus
    • 30 school buildings
    • 7 student residences
    • 47 classrooms and labs
    • Class of 1938 Observatory
    • McFadden Model Railroad Museum
    • James Buchanan Cabin
    • Irvine Memorial Chapel
    • 24/7 campus security
  • The Faculty

    • 104 faculty members
    • 75% hold advanced degrees
    • 74 faculty members have a master’s degree and 4 hold doctorates
  • Tuition and Financial Aid

    • Boarding student tuition: $54,500 (covering tuition, room & board)
    • Day student tuition: $38,000
    • 33% of students receive need-based financial aid
    • 50% of students receive financial aid (need-based/merit)
    • Arce, Guttman, Hale, Legacy, Mercersburg, Regents, Witmer, and 1893 merit scholarships awarded
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