MAC Counselor Update!

Mercersburg Adventure Camp may only be a couple days in their second session, but this hardly means they haven’t’ been doing anything.
Before they head off to Hershey Park on Wednesday, counselor Will talked about how camp has been going so far.
“The campers are all thoroughly enjoying their time at MAC so far. Each of them have been given an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone and be exposed to activities they most likely, otherwise, wouldn’t partake in. 
As I’ve been assisting the climbing portion of “Great Outdoors,” I’ve seen kids who have never climbed in their lives break out of their shells and really enjoy something new.
One camper even came to me with a smile on their face and said, “How often do we get to climb because I don’t want to stop!” Of course, I responded with “JWAS! Also tie your shoe.”
Another really great aspect of MAC, and Mercersburg summer camps in general, is that campers get to meet new people and make new friends. So far, from my perspective, the campers have been getting along well with each other. Most notably, I’ve witnessed multiple accounts of campers from the U.S. asking about the cultures of the international campers. 
As camp continues I look forward to seeing further exploration and growth in each and every camper.
As their counselor, I feel the privilege of getting to know every kid and learning about what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy, what their excited for and what they are nervous for. I feel responsible for making sure they all take a step outside their comfort zones in a safe, and enjoyable environment.”
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    • Counselor Will Schoenberger spots camper Sophie as she boulders during day one of the Great Outdoors.

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