YWC Counselor Update!

Young Writers Camp is coming to an end as well this week. Before then, let's hear from Counselor Kat about camp. 

"Camp has been such a blast! Watching the campers form lifelong friendships and bond with each other through a variety different activities and experiences makes all the early mornings and long days worth it.
The highlight of camp for me so far has been taking the kids to the ropes course on Sunday. I was so proud of many of the campers for taking the risks that they did and supporting each other in the process. For part of our time there, they were split into groups and had to work through different problem-solving and team-building activities with their group.
Many leaders arose in each group and each team was successful in working together and finding their way through any situation presented to them. Once we were finished, we began the ropes course.
Several campers surprised us and faced their fears-one in particular was Abe. I was impressed with every camper’s bravery and willingness to try new things despite their discomfort; after all, life begins where your comfort zone ends, and I think that is a valuable lesson many of the kids learned that day."

Be sure to keep up to date with our social media as camps slowly comes to an end. Make sure to check Vidigami regularly for pictures from the week's activities. 

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