Young Writers on the High Ropes

If the pictures have said anything about the Young Writers Camp, it is that they don’t only write. Director Dean Smith has them do much more outside of the classroom where they hone their writing skills.
Sunday afternoon, the writers visited Round Top, PA, where they took on various challenges as teams and the high ropes course.
Before they could begin climbing, the campers helped guide each other non-verbally and worked as teams to complete various tasks. Then they moved onto the low elements, where the challenges would require the groups to work together to complete the tasks.
The writers had to move through a spider’s web (quickly, the spider was returning), grab a rope to swing off a platform (and one group had to swing back), and switch positions on a log among other tasks.
When the challenges as a team ended, the campers moved onto to the individual challenges of the high ropes course. They took on a rock climbing wall, vertical obstacle course, a sloped roped bridge, and balanced on a high wire.
A few campers, who declared themselves scared of heights, attempted at least one obstacle, and even did it a second time. The constant flow of encouragement coming from everyone on the ground certainly did not hurt those who may have been on edge.
Don’t worry, the writers are also writing.
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