First Full Day for MAC

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
MAC’s rhapsodic day began with a scrumptious breakfast in Ford Hall. They transitioned to the Hale Theater for their initiation into either the Hurricanes or Tornadoes. Following the reveal of their selected societies, the ‘Canes and ‘Nadoes competed in a cheer contest, judged by the Purple Wildflowers. The victorious Tornadoes gained field advantage in the first H/T event, Capture the Flag. Even with the field advantage, the Tornadoes were no match for the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes, against the ropes, played tough defense to gain the numbers advantage. In the final seconds of the game, the Hurricanes captured the Tornado flag, earning the first points of the competition. 

The two teams separated to elect captains. They prepared for the tournament and its intensity. After much deliberation, the campers refueled for “enrichments” in the afternoon. 

The campers were led into a game of kickball. Fatigued from the hot the campers settled down before dinner with cabin time. Card playing, reading, and making friends consumed the hour between activity and food. 

A very hot day concluded with pool time and another Hurricanes/Tornadoes competition. Turtle races were taken by the ‘Nadoes in an epic, down to the wire, nailbiter. On the prowl, the Hurricanes took the t-shirt race. Pool night recommenced with the biggest splash contest, which was won by the Hurricanes. Contrasting the biggest splash contest was the smallest splash contest. The Tornadoes evened the score in the pool with a W in the penultimate contest. The final contest of the night, the fanciest jump. The last event decided the night. The winner of the fanciest jump and pool night were the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes jumped to an early lead in day one of the contest, but the Tornadoes are seeking revenge tomorrow during the Marathon.
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