Daily Recap

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
Mercersburg Adventure Camp started their day in enrichment which included art, ceramics, science, film, improv, and wizard training.  After lunch campers went with their great outdoors group to go climbing, kayaking, or mountain biking. Hurricanes and Tornados battled it out tonight in the pool with turtle races, wet t-shirt swimming, and splash contest. The Hurricanes won 3 out of 5 pool events. The overall score is now tied 1-1 

ESL learned about what a daily schedule for them will look like. Each day they will have a rotation of different classes. These classes include speaking, listening, history, culture, writing, and skills. Today in each class they did introductions, name games and the teacher explained what the students should expect to learn in each class. Tonight they watched a movie together.

Young Writers Camp spent most of the day in the classroom. In Journalism then went around campus and interviewed employees. They will use their interview questions and answers to write a story about the person they interviewed. For podcast class, they brainstormed ideas for their podcast episodes. To end the day in the classroom they made historical brochures. Tonight they will take a break from the classroom and enjoy a game night in the student center. 

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