First Full Day of Week #3

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
Mercersburg Adventure Camp, Young Writers Camp, and ESL all had their first full day here at Mercersburg Summer Programs. All Campers were very eager and enthusiastic to see what the day would become. 
Young Writers Camp was in the classroom all morning.  They looked at poems, stories, and other written work. They wrote and learned about various writing forms. They take breaks in between each session to enjoy some coffee and talk. 

Mercersburg Adventure Camp began their morning in the great outdoors. They Biked around campus to get used to the mountain bikes before taking them off campus. Kayakers went to Cowan's Gap to learn kayaking safety and also enjoy some time to kayak. Climbing spent time in the barn using the climbing wall and practicing climbing techniques. Campers went to enrichments when they worked on art, science, and cooking classes. Tonight campers were drafted into hurricanes and tornadoes teams and they played capture the flag. 

ESL took the day to walk around campus and get adapted to their new home for the month. They took campus tours, played games, and ended the night with a campfire and s’ mores 
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