Week #2 Coming to An End

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
As the majority of the camps leave Mercersburg Summer Programs tomorrow that does not stop them from being active, creative, and dynamic. 
STEAM Camp started their day in the maker's lab building solar power cars, box kites, and learning 3D printing software.  STEAM campers built box murals, which were turned into forts for protection against water balloons in a water war. They experimented with how far to pull the launchers back and various angles to position the launchers to hit the target. 
Swim Clinic practiced their breaststroke techniques today. Tonight they ventured out of the pool to show off their dance moves or play games in the common area.  Swim Clinic has one more stroke to learn until they return home. 
Today we say goodbye to soccer elite camp. They ended their time here at Mercersburg Summer Programs with small sided championship games, drills, and an 8 v 8 championship game. Soccer day camp will continue working on their skills and technique until tomorrow night. 

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