Mercersburg Summer is Halfway Through with Week #2

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
Swim Clinic practiced their butterfly techniques today. The blue group was in the fitness center doing a core workout, while the white group was in the pool.  This afternoon they had some free time before filming their butterfly techniques for review tomorrow. Tonight, campers relax and watch a movie.

Soccer Camp had technical sessions and played skill games. Campers had downtime to watch professional soccer games before dinner. After dinner, they practiced drills and played competitive 8 v 8 games. 

STEAM Camp launched their rockets into the field. They talked about the angle of the launcher and how the launcher operates. Campers then finished their dart planes and mousetrap cars. Tonight campers received one piece of white paper and use black paint to paint a portrait of their partner using any object that is not a paintbrush. After this interesting activity, they relaxed and played games in the student center. 
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