STEAM Camp builds Rockets, Planes, and Cars

Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator
STEAM Camp traveled to the maker's lab this morning to begin building their rockets, dart planes, and mousetrap cars. Each camper was given a set of instructions to use, and all materials needed to build their product. Camper Gustavo Vives stated “This really helps me with my craftsmanship. I have learned to be patient and take my time on every project.” They will test their rockets, dart planes, and mousetrap cars tomorrow.  

Dave Holzwarth gives insight to campers on star science using the analogy of fire and wood. Campers built three fires in various sizes which represented the stars.  Mr. Holzwarth then asked each camper which fire will last the longest. The campers answer was anonymous. They said that the biggest fire would last the longest because it has the most wood.  Soon after lighting the wood on fire the campers discovered that the smallest fire lasted the longest. In comparison to stars, the biggest star collapses the fastest and the smallest star takes the longest to collapses. 
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