Dynamic Stretching a focus for Day #2

by Maggie Strawoet, Social Media Coordinator

On day two, the main focus of all programs is dynamic stretching. Each program starts the day with a very in-depth hour of dynamic stretching.  Swim Clinic participant Brandon Bacani stated, “ Stretching warms my muscles up so that when I am done swimming I am not sore.”
Boys’ and girls’ basketball are now in full swing as they are halfway done. From the morning until right before they go to bed the campers are always playing games, improving on skills, or running through drills. Swim Clinic focused on freestyle techniques. After reviewing the videos they took last night the swimmers were anxious to fix the technical problems they saw. Coaches and counselors ran the participants through a strenuous workout of different drills to help improve their technique.  Swim Clinic participant Ashton Lucas says, “technique drills help make me a better swimmer.”
After two full days of hard work, both programs decided to have some fun. The boys’ and girls’ basketball groups relaxed and enjoyed some free time to either go swimming or do something recreational, while swim clinic played a competitive game of kickball!

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