Summer Program Policies

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  • Refund Policy

    Payments (including deposits) are non-refundable and non-transferable. Partial refunds may be considered in the event of an emergency, which is defined at the discretion of the Director of Summer Programs and often requires supporting evidence. 

    The balance for any of the sessions is due by May 15th. 
  • General Discount Policy

    Discounts must be used at the time of the original enrollment (with the exception of team discounts which require all team members to enroll before the discount is granted). 

    Discounts may not be stacked. Participants may not use multiple discounts (with the exception of discounts added to the early bird pricing).

    The referral discount and sibling discount may also be added to other promotional offers. 
  • Referral Discount Policy

    Mercersburg Summer families can receive discounts toward their tuition by inviting other families to join in on the fun! Referral discounts may not be available for all programs.

    For each new enrollment Mercersburg Summer Programs receives from your referral, we will take $25.00 off your balance.

    Referrals must be new, enrollments paid-in-full to receive the discount. 

    Referrals must list you as the source of their enrollment when they register.

    Siblings and other members of a previous camper's immediate family do not qualify for the referral discount. 

    Referral discounts are not valid when using a team discount.
  • Sibling Discount Policy

    Families with multiple children will receive $25 off of the enrollments each enrollment after the first. This discount will be applied automatically when enrolling online.

    The sibling discount cannot be combined with any other promotional offers.
  • Team Discount Policy

    Team/group discounts are available for some programs. The amount of the discount may vary between programs. In order to claim the discount, the coach of the team must e-mail summerprograms@mercersburg.edu with a list of the team members attending the program by April 1st. All team members must be enrolled in the same session. 

    Team discounts cannot be added to any other promotional offer, with the exception of early bird pricing. If a participant has an existing discount smaller than the team discount, Mercersburg Summer Programs will apply the difference. If the participant has an existing discount larger then the team discount, the participant will not be eligible to receive the team discount (but will be counted toward the team totals).
  • Financial Assistance

    Our financial assistance provides students displaying strong desire, high merit, and financial need the opportunity to attend our programs. 

    Download the 
    Financial Assistance Checklist and Application. You should start your registration online, but not complete or pay the deposit. Contact our office if you have any questions via email or phone.
  • Roommate Request Policy

    Generally, there are two participants to a room for Mercersburg Summer Programs, and never is a participant alone in a  room. We only put 3 or 4 participants to a room when required logistically. Please do not request 3 or 4 participants to a room.

    As stated on the enrollment forms, Mercersburg Summer Programs does not guarantee roommate requests.  After all, camp is about making new friends and conquering new experiences. While we try our best to honor everyone’s request, it can be very difficult. The best way to ensure your roommate request is honored is to be sure that you’ve only requested one (1) roommate, and that the person you requested also requested you.
    Please keep this in mind when you arrive at camp and receive your room assignment. Understand that we will not change anyone’s room assignment while registration is occurring. Our staff will evaluate the situation and if a move is possible, will help the camper move before the first lights out.
    PARENTS: Please talk about this with your children before they arrive. This will help your child better understand and feel less anxious when they learn they may not be with who they thought they’d be with.  
  • Transportation Information

    When requested, Mercersburg Summer Programs will provide transportation to/from the following locations:
    • Washington Dulles International Airport
    • Baltimore Washington International Airport
    • Greyhound Station (Hagerstown, MD)
    • Amtrak Station/Greyhound Station (Harrisburg, PA)
    Information specific to your pick-up will be e-mailed directly to participants and their families at least one week prior to their arrival or departure. This e-mail will include the pickup or drop off schedule and the name and other identifying information of the staff member assigned to pick up the participant. It will also include the assigned staff member’s contact information.
    In the event of a change, Mercersburg Summer Programs will communicate to the participant and their family via e-mail. If the change is the day of the pickup or drop off, communication will be confirmed with a phone call to the provide contact information.
    Should the traveler not be able to get in touch with their assigned staff member of the day of travel, the director of summer programs, Coleman Weibley, can be reached by calling 717-377-3445.
  • Personal Property Policy

    Campers, parents, staff, and guests are not allowed to use drugs, alcohol or tobacco on the Mercersburg Academy property or in Mercersburg Academy vehicles. The Director of Summer Programs can and will authorize the search of cabins, vehicles, bags, trunks, suitcases and other enclosed items or areas to look for any suspected drugs, alcohol or tobacco.
    Mercersburg Summer Programs are all-inclusive and provide all the necessary equipment needed for camp. Campers, staff, and guests are not encouraged to bring and use personal sports equipment.
    Campers, parents, staff, and guests are asked to park vehicles in designated areas and to obey Mercersburg Academy speed limits. Campers are not permitted to drive and leave vehicles at Mercersburg Academy during their time in a program.
    Campers, parents, staff, and guests are not permitted to bring any animals to Mercersburg Summer Programs. Animals that arrive during the drop-off or pick-up times must be on a leash or kept in a vehicle. Service animals will be allowed on the Mercersburg Academy’s campus and in all of the camp buildings.
    Campers, parents, staff, and guests are forbidden to have a weapon at Mercersburg Academy. 


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  • Q. How do I get to Mercersburg?

    Directions to and around campus, hotel accommodations and information about the area are available on our campus page. Feel free to print the campus map and bring it with you and it will serve as your guide on a tour of our beautiful school.
  • Q. Can I pay by check?

    Yes, you can pay by check, as long you pay before the payment deadline set by the Office of Summer and Extended Programs. If paying after the payment deadline, we request that your payment be in the form of cash or credit card, to ensure immediate approval of funds.
  • Q. When is the best time to say goodbye to my child(ren)?

    We have a quick separation of campers from parents at our opening ceremonies, so if you want to impart wisdom/warnings/goodbyes, we encourage you to do so before the opening ceremony starts.
  • Q. Where can I find a packing list and what should I pack?

    Visit our enrollment page to find packing lists for each specific camp (located at "Step 4"). Remember to tag those clothes! Double check the packing list and let us know if you have any questions.
  • Q. How much money should I leave with my child?

    Campers do not need to bring money to camp and we do not have a camp store or camp bank. Since many parents feel the need to put $10 in their camper’s pocket, we allow that much, $10, per session. We supply all snacks and refreshments, and a little money to spend at amusement parks and baseball games. In addition, if toothpaste, SPF 30, bug spray, or other essentials run low, we will provide those items.
  • Q. When can I call my child? (Adventure Camps Only)

    Remember that campers do not make or receive phone calls, except in emergencies/urgent situations. This helps us create the unique Adventure Camp atmosphere and it fosters independence. Besides, with the pace of our schedule, they won’t have much time to call you anyway. Telephone calls to (or from) home tend to distract campers from the camp program and break the momentum of camp, and they can spur major episodes of homesickness. Enjoy the letters that you’ll receive and feel free to send letters and cards to your camper.

    1. Counselors do call you after the start of camp to give you an update on your camper.
    2. Fax to email – your camper writes the letter, we scan it as a .jpeg and send it to your email address (given that a correct email address is provided).
    3. Helpful hint – send a postcard before camp starts so that your camper receives something the first or second day of camp. We also suggest sending pre-addressed postcards with your camper, so that all they have to do is write and send.
    4. Send mail to your camper (with their name and the name of their camp) at:
      300 E. Seminary St., Mercersburg, PA 17236
    5. Send an email to your camper (with their name in the subject line) to:
    6. We will deliver hard copies of your correspondence. Campers will not have access to their own email accounts.
  • Q. When can I call the camp administrators?

    During camp, we want you to have every access to our office and to the directors of each program. You will receive a laminated, wallet size phone card at the parents’ meeting on opening day with our contact information. Call the office number during the day (8:30 am-4:30 pm). After office hours, you can either call us directly if the matter is urgent or you can leave a voice mail at the office number and we will get back to you the next day. You can also leave messages at any of the numbers listed for us. Please do not hesitate to call (day or night) if you need anything or if there is an urgent message you need to get to us or to a camper. We want our parents to feel relaxed and at ease, and if a call to us can ever alleviate any anxiety you might be battling, pick up the phone.

    As you know, we have an ambitious slate set for every program, one designed for fun and enrichment, as well as one that fosters self direction, independence, and responsibility. As part of our focus on individual attention and development, our counselors will spend time prior to the start of camp looking at enrollment forms and getting to know each camper as well as possible before their arrival. We would appreciate any extra information you might want to relay about their interests or needs before camp begins. You can do this via email, letters, or phone calls.
  • Q. I am going out of town, do I need to provide my new contact information?

    If you plan to be at a location with contact information different than what is listed on the enrollment form and medical form, we need to know. So, if you will be away on vacation or business, please indicate your contact information on the transportation sheet or forward the dates and the contact information to the Summer Programs email account (summerprograms@mercersburg.edu). We would like to have this information before registration if possible.
  • Q. Can I visit my child(ren) at camp?

    We have no visiting days other than the opening and closing days of each session. In addition to safety concerns and state law requirements, we believe these policies also create a more cohesive camp community and will enhance your child's experience at Mercersburg.
  • Q. How do I know what is going on at camp?

    You can stay in touch with what is happening at our Adventure Camps all summer via our camp website and other social media such as our blog, Twitter account, Facebook page and Flickr page.
  • Q. Can my child stay for multiple sessions?

    Multiple session campers may choose to stay on campus between sessions with a few of our counselors. Cost for stayovers this summer is $200.00. The charge covers laundry expenses, on-campus activities, special events on Saturdays (movie theatre, roller skating), and meals. Campers will not need money of their own unless they wish to purchase personal items.
  • Q. What is the weekend stayover option?

    A weekend stayover option is available for the weekends in between sessions for only for campers who enroll in multiple sessions of camp. The cost of this weekend is $200.00. This option is not available to participants in one session.
  • Q. Can I arrive a day or two early for camp?

    No, we prefer that families plan to arrive on the first day of camp. The stayover weekend is for those individuals who are staying for more than 1 session. If you have specific questions regarding arrival, please contact our office at summerprograms@mercersburg.edu.
  • Q. When and where will registration be?

    Registrations vary from program to program. The registration locations and times are not available at this time, but will be sent to enrollees closer to the start of camp. 
  • Q. What can my child bring to camp?

    Adventure Campers are not permitted to have cell phones, televisions, stereos, radios, Sony PSPs, Nintendo DS, iPods/iPads, video games, other electronic devices, or any outside food or beverages. Campers get plenty of food, snacks, and beverages from Chef Jim and his crew. Exposed food and drinks in dorm can mean unwelcome visitors, so we minimize opportunities for our four-legged friends.

    Alcohol, tobacco products, or drugs are strictly forbidden. In accordance with the policies of Mercersburg Academy and local laws, participants are not permitted to possess or use drugs (including alcohol), tobacco, or any drug/tobacco paraphernalia in any form. This also applies to non-prescription drugs which are not presented to an approved by the program staff. Typically, campers do not get soda or have access to junk food. Our dining hall supplies tasty snacks (including rice-krispie treats) for us as needed.

    We ask that parents (and others) not send food or candy as part of a care package. We do not distribute food packages to campers, nor do we take responsibility for storing any such packages and returning them to campers at the end of camp.
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