MAC and TGA are having too much fun

July 2nd, 2012


Mercersburg Adventure Camp and The Great Adventure have been having way too much fun recently.  In their enrichments they have been putting mentos in diet coke, making slime, and carving watermelons.  This is all happening in the classroom! Outside of the classroom, they have been rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, you name it!  At night they have watermelon eating contests and sing-a-longs around a campfire.  How do these kids get so lucky!  And thats just MAC!



In the Great Adventure they have also been doing enrichments and outdoors, but have had a luau, casino night, and went to HERSHEY PARK TODAY!!! Too. much. fun. But hopefully not too much candy!  Yesterday they had a hurricanes vs tornadoes wacky race entailing dizzy bat, water guns, and bean bag toss.  It is hard to keep track of everything happening at camp and not get overwhelmed.


Catching up with TGA


Singing camp songs around the fire.


TGA during the Wacky Races


Contemplating whether to fold or go all in.




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Best.Camp Song.Ever.

February 9th, 2011

Who would think that a grizzly looking creature like this fellow  would inspire one of the most enjoyable camp songs of all time?  The song entitled “2 snare nosed buzzards” lacks rhythm, pitch and any kind of melodious flow but I dare anyone to recite the simple verses and choreography without cracking a smile.  It just can’t be done.  It’s impossible to phone in a rendition of snare nosed buzzard, you either go all out for this song or you just don’t sing it.  That’s kind of how I like to think of adventure camp, you either savor every waking moment, or you might as well stay at home. I promise I’m going to put everything into my own snare nosed buzzard this summer, will you join me?

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2… Snare Nosed…. Buzzards…

February 2nd, 2011

What is your favorite camp song?  At Mercersburg Summer we belt out several boisterous camp songs at every campfire.  When attending your first campfire, one may find the raucous singing a bit surprising.  No need to panic, however, magnificent vocal talent and a degree in choreography are not required to join in the mayhem.  All the adventure camper needs is loud pipes and enthusiasm to have a blast at a campfire jam session.  Whether you have grammy worthy tone control or can’t sing your way out of a wet paper bag, you can enjoy a good old fashioned camp song.  Send your favorite camp songs to and we will tally up the votes and let you know which tune is the all time favorite sometime next week!

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July 23rd, 2010

A quick update on camp! Todays sunshine provided the perfect weather for our MACsters to head for the Great Outdoors. This time they got to spend a whole day with their activities- rock climbing, canoeing, horseback riding, wilderness skills and others. One of our camera crew was able to tag along with the geocaching group as they searched for buried treasures with handheld GPS units. The JACsters also had an event filled day with many activities including a slip n’ slide and obstacle course!

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Sonny the Adventure Camp Hound

October 7th, 2009

Woof Woof Campers!  I was sniffin around the campfire the other day and all the memories started coming back.  Hurricane vs. Tornado rap battles, song competitions and awesome skits.

What was everyone’s favorite camp song?  I’ll never forget howling to the Adventure Camp song at the top of my lungs or telling everyone at camp how I had ravioli on my ears!  I sure do miss adventure camp and can’t wait until next summer to make new memories.  Send me your favorite camp songs here and get a special Sonny treat!


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