A New Beginning

July 10th, 2011

Today a new set of campers flooded Mercersburg’s campus. Everyone who is staying another session is pumped and all the new campers are excited as well.

Here are some pictures from the move in:

After the move in the campers split between MAC campers and TAC campers to go and play name games.

Then after  the campfire I stopped by Tippets and got some cabin pictures. Here’s the best one of the night:








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…Good “Spirits” in Baltimore…

July 10th, 2011


Saturday, we went to Baltimore to tour. First stop was Edgar Allen Poe’s small house.  Poe’s house is only four rooms, and cramped for the family of five. Next stop, touring Inner Harbor.  We split up into three groups or around eight, and went shopping and walking throughout the Harbor. Stores we went to were H&M, Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Nobel, Filenes, and more. We had a good time, running throughout the city. Our last stop was a Ghost Tour, in Fellpoint. Our guide was dressed in all black: a cloak, top hat, gloves, and a cane. It was very mysterious…


We went to many places on the square that were supposedly haunted. Our first stop on the tour was a sign that lasted for decades. Next was the Fell’s grave, the founders of Fellpoint. Many members of the Fells family were buried there, including a bunch of women all named Elizabeth. The guide took out his “Ghost Meter” and tested the spot. Apparently, the ghost of one of the Fells was standing in front of Jordan. The next couple stops were all at taverns. (It seems like ghosts have drinking problems.) One of the Taverns, The Horse You Came In On, is actually where Edgar Allen Poe was found unconscious. The last stop was “the most haunted house in Baltimore.” Supposedly, seven ghosts live there including a ghost cat, that frequently visits sightseers at the house. (If you take one of these tours, ask for Cliff as your guide.)




Lastly, we left to go back to the Academy. For dinner, we stopped at McDonald’s.  After that, we headed home for a couple games of Clue, and Free Write period.

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Lake Trip Ended Early

July 10th, 2011


We all took a trip to the lake at Cowan’s Gap on Friday, hoping for a nice day at a beautiful lake. While a few girls got twenty minutes on a paddleboat, and several other kids got some time in the water, all of the fun was cut short when the sky decided it was time to rain. We all scrambled in the downpour and ran for shelter in various places around the lake. After a few minutes, we all gathered our belongings and made a mad dash for the bus.


We spent the rest of the day hanging out on campus. We could choose to go to either the game room, to play foosball, chess, and board games, or to stay in the dorm and hang out all day and watch Disney movies. It was split half and half, so while twelve kids were playing Scrabble, thirteen campers were also watching Disney’s Mulan.


For the evening program that night, we held a talent show in Edwards Room. Campers displayed their singing, dancing, and comedic skills, along with several others. Selections from ‘On My Own’ to ‘Happy Birthday’ were performed. It is clear that the Young Writers are a talented bunch.

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July 9th, 2011

Thursday night all the Teen campers had their affirmation circle and final camp fire. There were a lot of meaningful speeches and kind words.

In the affirmation circle a ball of yarn is passed around from person to person. Everytime a person gets the ball of yarn they choose the next person and tell them what they think of them.

Here the campers are performing their Tornado song.


Check out a clip of Thursday night.



Yesterday was a tearful day full of goodbyes and hugs for most.

Everyone, including camper’s parents filled the seats in the Burgin Center. The Tornadoes and Hurricanes did their camp songs and cheers and then the winner of the two was announced. Tornadoes won this years camp challenges! Once the ceremony was over, on the way out there were plenty of hugs going around.



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Last Day of Camp!

July 8th, 2011

Today was one of the busiest and most thrilling days we’ve had this session! The MAC campers started the day with a huge Marathon. Check out some of the action on youtube:

After lunch, the campers took part in water wars! They got the chance to get all their feelings out by soaking all the counselors with buckets of chilly water. Each camper got one counselor (most of them right in the face!):

Then both the MAC and TAC campers went on a huge slip n’ slide on Tippet’s beach! They spent the afternoon racing down it and getting covered in soap suds and mud.

After dinner, the MAC campers sung their Hurricane and Tornadoes song and cheer around the campfire.

The TAC campers had an Affirmation Circle and a tearful goodbye. Then they also wrapped up the evening with a campfire.

Everyone’s super excited for the end-of-camp ceremonies and slideshow that will take place tomorrow afternoon, but we’ll all be sad to see this sessions campers go home. It was such an exciting two weeks! We hope that everyone had just as much fun as we did and that they’ll be back next summer to adventure at Mercersburg again!









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